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HEY! Please read more about me at my BIO SITE. This site is currently under re-construction, but take a look around and see what this site has to offer. Sorry it takes forever for updates, but when I am busy it is hard to get to it.

The purpose of this site is to post information on jazz trombone.

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****Mark's Itinerary****

Great Jazz Trombone CD's!
(my favorites)

Frank Rosolino "Fond Memories of...Frank Rosolino", "Free for All", "Frank Rosolino Quartet: Frank Talks"
George Bohanon "Blue Phase"
JJ Johnson "Concepts In Blue","Tangence","JJ Inc.""Brass Orchestra""The Emminent Vols. 1-2", "Jackson, Johnson, Brown, and Company", "Concepts in Blue", "Dial JJ-5", "Let's Hang Out", "Vivian", "Trombone Master"
Carl Fontana"The Hanna-Fontana Band Live At Concord","The Great Fontana","Heavyweights"
Slide Hampton "World of Trombones", "Slide"
Jay and Kai "Jay and Kai + 6", "The Great Kai and JJ" "Jay and Kai"
Jimmy Cleveland "Intoducing Jimmy Cleveland and his all-stars"
Steve Turre "TnT" "In the Spur of the Moment"
Andy Martin "Pete Christleib/Andy Martin Quartet", "Leading off", "Walkin the walk"
Trombones, Inc. "The Trombones, Inc."

Also check out the great TUBA Jazz Band Gravity. The group is led by Howard Johnson, and they are awesome! (Their album "Gravity" is on the Verve label)

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Check out this band: The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. (Personal Favorite) They are a band from Los Angeles, Ca., and the band is really great, (Not to mention their bone section is fantastic). They recently recieved #1 in Down Beat's readers poll!

Favorite Bands!

Great Jazz Players!

(some of my favorites!)

Trpt: Clifford Brown, Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard, Nat Adderly, John Faddis, Wynton Marsalis, Clark Terry, Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Hargrove, Nicholas Payton

Saxes: Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Pete Christleib, John Coltrane, Jeff Clayton, Cannonball Adderly, Kenny Garrett, Sonny Rollins,

Piano: Benny Green, Tee Carson, Count Basie, Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington

Drums: Ed Shaugnhessy, Buddy Rich, Jeff Hamilton, Billy Higgins, Roy Hanes, Art Blakey,

Bass: John Clayton, Ray Brown, Rufus Reid, Ray Drummond, John Pattitucci

Guitar: Russel Malone, Bruce Forman, Joe Pass, Freddie Green

The two greatest Jazz Trombone players of all time are: the late JJ Johnson(below right)& Frank Rosolino(below left) JJ was the originator, innovator, and the pioneer of the modern Jazz Trombone. JJ had a very strong blues influence in his playing, and he had a strong influence on bebop as well. Frank Rosolino took Jazz Trombone to a whole new level. Frank took influence from JJ and combined it with other trombone influences such as Bill Harris, and non-trombone influences like Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, and others. Frank showed the world that Trombones were not just sweet like Tommy Dorsey, but that they were very capable of playing fast, technically demanding bebop solos.


Great Jazz Trombone Players

Frank Rosolino (left) JJ Johnson (right) George Bohanon, Ira Nepus, Andy Martin, Carl Fontana, Kai Winding, Urbie Green, Slide Hampton, Dennis Wilson, Jimmy Cleveland, Vincent Gardener, Maurice Spears, Wayne Wallace, Al Grey, Conrad Herwig, Steve Turre, Reggie Young, David Taylor, Terry Russell, Bill Reichenbach, Isaac Smith, Jack Teagarden, Dave Gregoric, John Fedchock, Mike Baron, Tom Malone, Bob Brookmeyer, Robin Eubanks, Phil Wilson, Bill Watrous, Jimmy Knepper, Ron Wilkins.... and there are more to be added!

*** There are many, many great Jazz Trombone players today. These are just my favorites. If you feel or know someone should be added, E-Mail me. (Tbone@Stotzer.com)

Recommended Books

The 'F' Attachment

The F Attachment (below) is a feature that many players do not understand the mechanics of. The F attachment ("trigger") changes the interval of the notes on the Trombone by making the air column of the horn longer(below), thus lowering the range of the horn. On the staff (while the trigger is operated) it gives the trombone player a whole new list of alternate positions. The positon differences are that any given note can be played what would normally be whole step below it (like a C on the staff is in 1st position while the trigger is operated; B in 2nd position, etc.). In this way it gives you a wide variety of alternate positions to choose from. Below the staff: the F attachment enables a Trombone player to play the notes in the same position it would be the octave above (Eb Below the staff is in 3rd position{just like Eb on the staff is in 3rd position} D in 4th position, etc.).


-Personal Message from Mark-
Thanks for coming to my site. I am sorry it does not get updated often these days. I had a very hectic summer and fall, but it looks as if things will be back to normal in the summer. I created this site for people to find out info on Jazz Trombone. There are not many sites out there dedicated to JAZZ trombone, so I put this on the web hoping people would come to it looking for some good info. I tried to include things not usually on other sites like my favorite albums, my favorite players, and good books. With all the players out there, albums available, and books in print, I think it is important for people to have access to what i actually good. If you have any questions or comments about this site, jazz, jazz trombone, trombone, music, life, etc., please email me and Ill get back to you as soon as possible!

This page is dedicated to Tee Carson. Please read about his life here.



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Kutchan Festival (Japan)
Monterey Jazz Festival in Noto (Japan)
Jazz AVienne(Vienne Jazz Festival) (France)
Vitoria Jazz Festival (Spain)
Pacific Grove Marching Band Festival
San Jose Jazz Society (San Jose, CA)

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