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Pacific Grove Marching Band Festival Committee, Inc.


The Pacific Grove Marching Band Festival Committee is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for music education through running first-class musical events. Throughout the year we raise funds to support school music programs, locally and statewide. Our annual band festival, our key fundraiser and educational event, draws thousands of young musicians and spectators to the Monterey Peninsula each year.


Organizational History:
Founded in 1979, the Pacific Grove Marching Band Festival Committee was created to fill the growing gap beween rising costs and diminishing funding for music education. Originally the organization sponsored a parade and field show marching band competition. Over time, the educational scope of the festival has grown to include concert and jazz competitions, and a new concert series that will bring top level professional musicians to the Monterey Peninsula throughout the year for all of us to learn from and enjoy.
Today, the Pacific Grove Marching Band Festival is one of the top educationally based festivals in the United States. Some of the finest adjudicators from all over the country come into Pacific Grove each fall to provide students and teachers with expert feedback on their performances. It is not just about winning and losing, it is about the educational value of the adjudicators feedback, and the enjoyable experience only a visit to the Monterey Peninsula can provide.
Over the years, hundereds of high school bands have participated, and thousands of spectators have enjoyed our annual event. While there have been many changes in the growth of our organization, one thing remains the same from the first-ever Grand Sweepstakes winner Clovis High School (Band Director Mel Stratton) in 1979 to Granite Bay High School (Director Paul Everts) in 2004: enjoyable, high-quality performances by students resulting from their hardwork and dedication.

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