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Our 50th Reunion: August 1-3, 2019!!!
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From the Reunion Committee October 1, 2018:
"Your 1969 class reunion committee is requesting email and telephone number updates for our 50th class reunion.
Please message on Facebook to Sandie Toth Hamby, Donna Whiteside (Donna Dohanos Whiteside)
or Debby Johnston Gunderson with the new information. Thank you."

Reunion Committee 2019

L to R: Nancy Glover Oates, Debbie Katona Boesel, Denise Shafer, Jean Willoughby Dicken,
Bobbie Thourot Broske, Sandie Toth Hamby, Bill Dull, Harry Tulk (+granddaughter) Jan Chorak Sooy

2019 Reunion Signup Dinner Signup/Payup Form
Click on this Word Document, fill it out and mail it to Harry Tulk!

In Memoriam

Jeff Shuster-1968 (NR*)

Gene Jason (NR*) -1969?

Mike Francis (NR) -1970-KIA Vietnam

Randy Runkle-1971

Toni Phelps-1974

Richard Meadows-1977

Robert Prunner-1978 (NR)

Thomas Boyd-1994

George Shaeffer

Pam Findon (NR*)

Timothy Lehr

Gary Shook

Norman Everett

Ronald Knapp

Floyd Smith

Joyce Harbert

Deborah Seckt

Keith Smith

Richard Ryan

"RIP" to all who have passed.

Coni Sooy

Munro Grant

Reba Radcliff

Kermit Thrash

Mollie Roll

Michael Scaggliozzo

Larry Yuhas (NR*)

Faith Vaught Cross-1992

Doris Shores-1997

Edward Green-1998

Bradley Bott-1999

Edward Murphy-1999

Fred Groh-1999

Chris Zaffer-1999

Larry Dean McKinley-2000

James E. Chester-2000

Watson Beal

David Adolph-2000

Janet Derringer-2001

Cynthia White-2000

Michael Guthman-2002

Sandra Pazos (our class poet) 2003

Linda Porter-2004

Gene Shinski-2004

Janice Kirkpatrick-2004

James Griffin-2005

Jan Stock Hintz-2005

Bruce Hamister & Doug Thurman-2006

Stan Siwek-2007

David Lee Burnside-2008

Gerald Louis Crawford-2008

Robert D. Bozman-2008

Thomas Bainbridge-2008

Howard Wolff-2009

Linda Board Williams and Frank Sabol-2009

Ronald Palmer-2010

Timothy Walsh-2010

Greg Manfull-2010

Ray Riley-2010

Constance Bordy Derringer-2010

Gary Lundholm-2010

Matt Korzan-2011

Sharon Demos-2011

Arthur Wingard-2011

Susan May Thompson-2012

James Stock-2012

Denise Rothel-2012

Wayne Jackson-2012

Clifford Hemmlinger-2012

Jana Pivacek-2012

Joseph Mitchell-2012

Bill Pratt-2012

Nathan Eden-2012

Kenneth Justen& Karen Gawlik Springer-2013

Annetta Haught-2013

Deck Murray-2014

Ronald Irvan and Debbie Lassen Finger-2014

Pamela Gard Clagg-2014

Russ Varner-2014

Bill Ferguson-Unknown

Joan Kalo-2014

Charles Young-2015

Catherine Belcher Cropp-2008

Thomas Knight-2015

Kenneth Welton-2015

Bill Predmore-2015

Richard Esler-2016

Bruce Bires-2016

"RIP" to all who have passed.

Dale Oliver Dixon-2012 (NR*)

Pamela Sue Fox Welling-2017 (NR*)

Jeffery Kim Gilles-2017

Al Heighberger-2017

Timothy Hodge-2017

Martin Ambrosio-2018

Cort Fields-2018

Jim Thompson-2018

*(NR) =Not on official EHS 69 graduation roster


"Lost" Classmates
We need your help locating more classmates to invite to our reunions!
Our "Lost Classmates" Page
lists over 160 people (108+ classmates and 60+ others)
we've "lost track of" certainly since 1994 (many since 1969).
Numerous others were "found" in 2011 thanks to a copy of the
EHS Alumni Directory and in 2014 by the Reunion committee
If you have any news or information to update our class database please
EMail Mark Stotzer:
News of our Classmates
If you (or someone else from "EHS69") have life events you would like to tell us about
We'd like to share it!
Mark Stotzer is mentioned in the Chicago Tribune in late 1993
and in a 2011 letter to the editor of the Monterey Herald
Here is a 1997 article about Commander R. (Richard) Gavin Poston U.S. Navy
Lori Udovich received an award in 2003 for her work at the
Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the SRTM Program
John Pleska received the "Silver Snoopy" award in 2004 from NASA
Carris "Mike" Francis, KIA Vietnam 1970 is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Here
Elyria and Ohio Links
The new Elyria High School facilities opened in September, 2010
EHS official school website
Here's one of many Alumni Websites
also see
Elyria Postcard/History Pages
Elyria Chronicle Telegram
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Lorain Journal

 Our graduation cermony was held on Monday June 9, 1969

Notes about the official EHS Class of 1969 graduation list received from EHS in May 2000:
The official EHS graduation list shows 768 "traditional" graduates
plus 22 Adult Education and 10 Summer School completions for a total of 800 names.
a Lula Mae Inge
had her name scratched off in pen from the traditional graduate part of the list
after it was typed.
Our EHS "final" roster was actually 767 traditional graduates and 799 total.
Note: I've also added 66 other people that went to school and were in our class
at one time or another but simply did not graduate with us (like Lula Mae above)
Many, if not most, are pictured as being in our class in the 1967-1969 yearbooks with
some also on the MIA list above.
 There are thus a grand total of 865 people in my copy of our class database.

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Mark D. Stotzer
Website overseer as selfied in 2014!

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