In the direction of march-North on Grand Avenue then Eastward on Pine Avenue to 8th Street:

1. Staging Area: The blocked off area of the intersection of Grand and Junipero Avenues is used as the final staging area for 2-3 bands, already moved up from the PGMS area, to be ready take their turn in the parade.

2. Warm-up Area: On Grand from Junipero to Pine. All bands perform their competition routines and prepare themselves for the judges. This is an excellent place to observe the bands and avoid the crowds in the competition area.

3. Quiet Area: On Pine from Grand to 14th Street. All bands must stop playing in this area. This eliminates distraction in the competition area just ahead.

4. Competition Area: On Pine from 14th Street to around 11th Street. All bands, drum majors, tall flag units, majorettes and ID units perform in competition for your enjoyment. Best place to observe bands.

5. Quiet Area: On Pine from 11th Street to 10th Street. Bands are requested not to play in this area (after they finish their competition routines) in order to avoid distraction in the percussion competition area just ahead.

6. Percussion Area: On Pines from 10th to 8th Streets. Band percussion members perform their competition routines.

7. Buffer Zone: On Pine from 8th to 6th Streets to allow bands to march through the parade end line at 8th Street. Buses waiting to pick up students will be staged east of 6th Street.

After marching to the end of the parade route, bands can be picked up by their buses on Pine Avenue
between 6th Street and Eardley Avenue.